Textile vinyl is a smooth-colored, thermo-adhesive plastic sheet used to print fabrics. The vinyl textile decoration technique applies a barely noticeable “plastic product” on top of the cotton fabric with great resistance and flexibility. A cutting plotter draws and cuts the contours of the drawing on the vinyl that is then transferred to the shirt. There are a variety of textile types of vinyl of different colors and finishes to choose from.



We agree with StormTextil team, that argues "embroidery is an exclusive and durable method with lots of creative possibilities. It is a great option to add your company logo or a special motif to your next textile order".
This is the reason why we enjoy to use this technology to create shapes with texture in our accessories. We invite you to know them and to ask for our embroidery personalization service.

You have to know how it works on our products! Watch the video and enjoy it.